Despero’s Adventure


This is a prototype demo and pilot for the comedy serie « Despero’s Adventure » (selected in the Bilbao Web Festival Market 2016)
I’ve personnaly co-created the show with Benjamin Pesme and Guillaume Beylard.
My roles were : Writting, Directing, Editing, VFX and prop making.

Full cast & crew :

Created by : Tony Bertin, Guillaume Beylard and Benjamin Pesme

With :
Doctor : Patrick Sage
Hipippop : Fred Perchet
The Captain/Zarthan’s soldier : Romain Nicolas
Shakanaka : Marie Noguera
Wolfer : Benjamin Pesme
Jean-Yves Pastaillac : Guillaume Beylard
Damsel in distress : Nelly Floquet
Marmouset : Joris LaManna
Masha : Jeanne Dessart
Zarthan : Yann Huitel
Zecharia : Philippe Allier
Hélène : Patie Flecher

Voice-Over : David Richard

Actor’s coach : Patie Flecher

Compositor : David Rampillon

Artistic director and VFX artist : Tony Bertin
DP : Guillaume Beylard
Cadre : Hugo Germser and Peko Johnson
Set assistant : Antoine Tubau

Recording & Mixing : Paul Hernout
Sound Design : Marie-Lou Henri-Viel

Makeup : Mz’elle Bulle
Costumes : Mathilde Vilcocq and Isabelle Bastian
Forge : Jean-Baptiste Philibert

Production : Nelly Floquet

Writer : Tony Bertin, Guillaume Beylard and Benjamin Pesme
Director – Editor : Tony Bertin et Guillaume Beylard

Filmed in Montpellier and Studio Fish

Made with Premiere, After Effect, Photoshop and a little bit of Blender.